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Grateful Dogs Go to Church - October 31, 2007

 Rev. Dr. Jenkins introduces Luke during the Children’s Sermon at the Beemerville Service on Sunday Oct. 7th.  (L to R) Eric Dau Sr., Eric Dau Jr., Jack Dau, Rev. Jenkins, Luke, Kevin Dau, and children from the Sunday School (Seated).

On Sunday, October 7th, Luke, a two year old, 112 pound Black Mouth Cur was introduced to the congregation during the Childrens’ Sermon of the Beemerville Presbyterian Church in Wantage. Minister Dr. Charles Jenkins explained to the congregation that Luke was adopted by Eric Dau’s family of Sparta in August. Dr. Jenkins also explained to the children that in Genesis 1:28 God commanded Adam and Eve to take ‘dominion’, (responsibility) for the animals of the earth.

“They are God’s creatures,” said the minister, “and we are to take good care of them.”

These were welcome words to Luke. Luke was rescued from a location in South Carolina. Luke was brought to the All About Them Giant Breed Rescue, Rehab, and Sanctuary, founders Linda and Larry Gress’s canine foster home in New Egypt, N.J.. Mrs. Gress feels that God has called her to rescue, rehab, give sanctuary and affectionately care for large breed dogs. Gress has rescued dogs from all over the east coast, Great Danes, Giant Sight hounds- the Irish Wolfhound, & Borzoi, and Mastiffs. Angel May, a rescued Great Dane was also brought to the Beemerville Church for all to witness her gentility. Angel May was dressed in her Sunday Best: a hot pink tulle collar with sparkles.

Dogs and Children frolic on the front Church Lawn At Beemerville Presbyterian Church.  Front Row, (L to R) Sarah Dau, Eric Dau, Adrian Jinks, Jack Dau, Luke Dau the dog, Angel May the dog, Linda Gress. Back Row, (L to R) Lindsay McCarthy, Belle Caputo, Aubrey Jinks, Eric Dau Sr., Kevin Dau, Tyler Lamantia, and Joseph McCarthy.

“There is not always something wrong with the dogs, they are given up for many reasons,” states Gress, “People have become used to a throw away society, situations change and folks can no longer care for a large dog. We offer rescue, rehab and sanctuary until the large dogs are adopted into a loving family.”

In August the Dau family adopted Luke. Their son Jack asked for his 8th birthday party on August 22nd ,that instead of presents for himself, his friends bring items to donate to Mrs. Gress’s rescue mission. Blankets, towels, large collars, leashes, dog toys and donations were passed on to Mrs. Gress.

For more information on Linda Gress’s Rescue Mission please check the website or call 609-758-8261, or call the Beemerville Presbyterian Church at 973-875-6760,

Lindsay McCarthy, Belle Caputo, Aubrey Jinks, Adrian Jinks, Tyler Lamantia, Joseph McCarthy and Great Dane Angel May enjoy a quiet moment in front of the Beemerville Presbyterian Church.

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